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Time Travel Coming In New Star Wars


A curious rumor spreads with reference to his `` informed sources '' resource AICN. It turns out that the creators of the Star Wars television series, which have been preparing for movieing for several years, intend to bring the possibility of time travel to the universe.

Earlier it was reported that the plot of the series with the working title Star Wars: Other world '' will be built around the kings of the underworld, who ruled entire planets and many sectors of the economy on Coruscant before the empire was created.

The main idea of the project, allegedly, will be that one of the criminal groups managed to master the technology of time travel, and the bandits used them to eliminate their main enemy - Darth Vader.

To what extent this information corresponds to reality is still unknown. It is only obvious that the series will take place between the third and fourth full-length episodes.

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Author: Jake Pinkman