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Review of the cartoon Coco's Secret. Come into the light


How to throw out on the screen an explosive mixture of moods - from violent delight and emotion, to light sadness? How to tell the story of the death of loved ones so that it does not seem like a tragedy, but a comforting and inspiring adventure without end? How to paint it in piercingly bright colors, but not cross the line separating the work of art from kitsch? Pixar studio has once again proved that it knows the answers to such questions, presenting the audience with a cartoon, the name of which, like some other Pixar masterpieces, consists of only one name - Coco.

The action takes place in the Mexican backwater on the holiday D í a de Muertos, celebrated in many Latin American countries. It is believed that it is on this day that the souls of deceased relatives visit their home, and those living in it should greet them with the construction of peculiar altars, special sweets and favorite drinks of the deceased. The paths from the graves to the house are marked with flowers or candles to make it easier for the deceased to find their way in the world they abandoned. In Mexico, D í a de Muertos is celebrated by the holding of carnivals and colorful shows, which UNESCO has already included in the list of the cultural heritage of mankind.

In the center of the plot is the young heir to the dynasty of shoe-making, named Miguel, who feels that his vocation is completely not in making boots and shoes, but in music. Like his supposed ancestor Ernesto de la Cruz, who became the most famous singer in Mexican history. The problem is that music as such is completely banned in Miguel's family, since for her sake his great-great-grandfather left his wife and daughter. Nevertheless, Miguel does not intend to give up his dream and for the sake of participating in a music competition dedicated to the Day of the Dead, he enters the crypt of Ernesto de la Cruz in order to borrow the maestro's guitar for a while. And this is where his amazing adventure begins.

More precisely, a touching realization of the true purpose and value of the family. In principle, the storyline, as in all Pixar cartoons, is extremely simple and straightforward, but all this is told with such skill and love for the characters that the most banal truths begin to play with new colors. And the cartoon "The Secret of Coco" does not hold colors. Even without any stereoscopy, the studio's artists managed to create a depth of projection with the help of the play of light, from which sometimes, in all seriousness, the head can spin.

The same, Those who prefer technical details will surely be pleasantly surprised by the textures and details, which since the release of another famous project by director Lee Ankrich - "Monsters, Inc." have changed just as much as modern "frameless" smartphones compared to the gadgets of 2001 release.

And, of course, traditional music and songs for Pixar and parent company Walt Disney. If during one of the key episodes that actually explain everything that happens, you at least do not have a sting in your eyes, you are a surprisingly callous person, or simply the values around which the whole story is built, are not among your priorities.

"The Secret of Koko" is an unusually warm cartoon in terms of color and content. An almost ancient Greek myth about what is most important in the world.

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Author: Jake Pinkman