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Review of the cartoon Gnomeo and Juliet 3D. There is no sadder story


After watching animated cartoons by Pixar studio, viewers are accustomed to the fact that they are designed for the widest audience, ie. and children will be funny, and parents will have something to see. And what a sin to conceal, quite often adults themselves go to cartoons without children and enjoy the humor there and the warm, cozy atmosphere of something kind and light. But now, the cartoon `` Gnomeo and Juliet '' comes out and brings us back to earth - this is exactly the type of cartoon that will be much more interesting for children and almost unbearable for adults.

This story takes place in one beautiful garden, where two factions of gnomes - blue and red - are at war. The son of the leader of the blue dwarfs Gnomeo falls in love with the daughter of the head of the red - Juliet. This is where a rather peculiar interpretation of the famous play by William Shakespeare - Romeo and Juliet begins.

You can't even immediately understand - to scold such an ambiguous interpretation of Shakespeare, or condescendingly say to yourself, `` This is for the kids, let them rejoice. '' Perhaps the problem is also that the creators chose not quite the right story for the cartoon project. Although, of course, lovers of the original may even be delighted that the greatest love story in this cartoon ended as it should be for all positive fairy tales.

Despite the seriousness of the Shakespearean primary source, they will not show us any particularly dramatic events in the cartoon; here, in general, everything is bright and positive. But since we have begun to amuse the viewer, in addition to bright colors, I would like to have a more memorable humor, because after all, most of the plot is occupied by extremely weak and very `` childish '' jokes.

According to the tradition of the cartoon genre, almost all the funniest humorous moments are given to secondary characters (by the way, they themselves came out even more charismatic central), because the main characters are given the romantic part of the plot and most of it they only very nicely exchange with each other kind words, rather than joke.

Although, in fairness, it's worth saying that a sophisticated mature audience should still appreciate a few episodes. For example, a rather funny reference to Braveheart may distract the viewer from boredom for a while, but, alas, there are too few such moments for the overall impression of the cartoon to be positive.

In addition a couple of interesting jokes, there is practically nothing to note here: the video sequence of comparison with the same works of Pixar does not stand up, because there are no memorable and spectacular scenes here (except, perhaps, a fight with a lawn mower), and very touching music by Elton John (here , by the way, and one more small positive moment scraped together) are not able to save the situation.

There have been no such cartoons for a long time, and perhaps we simply lost the habit of such, "purely childish" animation projects, but still today there are much more interesting representatives of the genre, and therefore criticism of `` Gnomeo and Juliet '' is quite reasonable.

The main conclusion from all of the above can be made as follows: those who manage to include the inner child during viewing ( with the earliest child), the cartoon may even like it. Everyone else is better off bypassing

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Author: Jake Pinkman