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The Black Swan Filmmakers Accused of Lying


Black Swan Filmmakers' Claims the fact that most of the ballet parts were danced in the frame by the leading actress Natalie Portman does not correspond to reality. Actress's stunt double Sarah Lane spoke about this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Thus, the professional ballerina reacted to an interview with Portman's choreographer and future husband, Benjamin Millepier, who claimed that the actress performed more than 85 percent of the dance numbers in the movie herself.

According to the stunt double, only five percent of the time Natalie Portman actually danced on the screen, in all the rest, viewers saw her body with `` attached '' the head of the Oscar winner.

`` They do their best to inspire the audience, that Natalie has some outstanding talents in ballet and indeed, after training for a year and a half, she became a ballerina. This is a challenge to our profession and to me personally. Will you be able to become a virtuoso pianist in a year and a half. I've been doing ballet for 22 years, '' said Sarah Lane.

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Author: Jake Pinkman