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Mickey Rourke becomes Genghis Khan


After completing work on The Immortals, which was previously titled War of the Gods, Mickey Rourke is set to star in the directorial debut of screenwriter John Milius, dedicated to Genghis Khan. The actor confirmed this information in an interview with the correspondent of the resource Orlando Sentinel.

According to him, the script interested him also because in some episodes of the picture it will be shown how Genghis Khan takes care of dogs. `` He ordered to keep the dogs behind the troops during the battle. This is important for me, '' Rourke emphasized.

The ruler of the Mongols himself and the conqueror of half of the world will appear in the movie sporadically - in the memories of his son and grandson. `` According to the plot, he will be a little over 40 years old, and in those days 40-something years is already old age '',

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Author: Jake Pinkman