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Vin Diesel's wages were cut


The third movie about Riddick has been given the green light, and movieing may begin in the summer of 2011. However, the leading actor Vin Diesel was asked to moderate his appetites and work for a fee significantly less than he was used to receiving. Vin Diesel himself spoke about this on his Facebook blog.

“We can start working in the summer, but there is a catch. To keep the movie's R-rated, my royalties will be cut. Of course, money is always secondary when it comes to art and spirit, but the problem goes a little deeper. Do I have to sacrifice my life for a while to such a dark character, which is Riddick, '' writes the actor. He also added that he went to meet with director David Tui to discuss plot details and evaluate concept art.

As a reminder, that earlier the details of the plot of the future movie were leaked to the Internet In Episode 2, Riddick became Lord Marshal of the Necromongers, and Vaako swore allegiance to him. However, not all necromongers recognized Riddick's power, and, tired of fighting off the killers sent by the opposition, Riddick concludes an agreement with Vaako: he cedes supreme power to him, and for this Vaako delivers him to Riddick's home planet.

Vaako agrees. , but on the way the ship crashes, and Riddick finds himself alone on an unfamiliar planet, inhabited by nightmarish creatures like the `` mud demons. ''

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Author: Jake Pinkman