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Movie Review Die Hard 5: A Good Day to Die. Fathers and Sons


Yippee-ki-yay, further-you-know! Well, how could you resist such a title? The wife is saved, the daughter is saved, America is saved - only the whole world and the son remained. Because of which there are continuous troubles, so that even the veteran is not normally given a rest: what to wallow on some Caribbean beach, McClane senior has to travel around inhospitable USA, pulling the heir out of the most stalemate situations. Bears and nesting dolls were replaced by the sacramental Sadovoe Stand, where they did not forget to arrange a merciless rally, and Stalin's skyscrapers were used as skyscrapers. In a word, beauty. For nothing that stupid.

Only one thing is not clear – why John Moore? Why exactly he, after all his, to put it mildly, not the most brilliant projects? Remake of the Omen, the adaptation of Max Payne – as if these movies can boast of anything other than famous progenitors, whose shameless exploitation made them a box office, and not outstanding. We can only guess what was the motive for the selection of this particular person by the producers to such a responsible post, but the reality, alas, will not change: this Irishman, forgive me for being rude, screwed up.

The only thing in this movie deserves a look – chase scene in the center of Moscow. More spectacular – and hard – avtovalsa, in which these cars, with an easy supply of heroes, become super-mobile tanks on the one hand, and consumable decorative elements -; on the other hand, you have to look. With savory bangs turning every second truck into compressed scrap on shattered wheels, only the ingenuity with which the creators destroy all these potential hearses can compete. Showing miracles of flexibility of thinking, what they just do not get up with the property entrusted to them – thrown off the bridge straight onto the traffic jam, unceremoniously pushed aside in the parking lot, forced to drift multi-ton objects to dodge a rocket from an RPG and throw the unfortunate taxi under the roof of the tunnel so that customers are not cheated. A wild hell, looking at which it seems to be a pity for the drivers who turned up under the hot hand, but instead, it is monstrously fun!

That's all. Looking at everything else, I want to cry over the lost years of my youth, when the special effects were not yet so spectacular, but the heroes and villains stopped sadly declaring their intentions and plans to each other in person, preferring this exercise in wit, undoubtedly more beneficial to the mind and body. And most importantly – when humor was strong and biting, leaving behind a crop of quotes. Okay, until we have completely gone headlong into nostalgia … humble yourself – whatever Bruce Willis was, and John McClain, a simple family man, cop and everyday superhero, even though he retained the ability to send one last knockout with one shot, stopped getting perverse pleasure from the process. Which turned out to be natural sad consequences for the franchise.

An amazing metamorphosis happened to him. Now his complaints about these damned, roughly speaking, terrorists are of a pronounced character, sorry, senile grumbling. Nothing like 'now I know how a sprat feels in a jar' or `` you're head over heels in terrorists again, John '' no more, the scriptwriters have streaked all the gloss of this almost corporate humor with some fake wit, second freshness. Endless repetition of variations of the phrases `` I'm on vacation '' and `` Why don't you want to call me daddy? '' at first it gets tired, and in the end it gets boring. Not to mention the moments, like a scene in a taxi – she's just awful. As if Willis and McClane had been replaced.

Probably, the fact is that now more attention than usual, they decided to pay to the drama and the relationship of the characters. I know it's funny myself. An unhappy, suffering father runs after his son and helps him out, hoping for understanding and forgiveness. The wayward son, reluctantly, uses his father's help and quietly – phew, how corny – overhears his frank conversation with a USA dissident about how he understands that he did not pay attention to his son, and that blah-blah-blah, blah-blah, blah-blah. Blah! And then he gives up, cries, they reconcile and together continue their paternal leave, handing out cuffs to the right and left. And the pretentious scene of returning home, all together – Families First! Everything is so, God forgive me, sugar and popular prints, that against the background of countless kilograms of fired cartridges it looks, let's say, original. Only dancing with songs is not enough, and fireworks.

This is, perhaps, all that is here from the original, not counting the aforementioned chase. In general, this time what is happening is more like spy games – and the emphasis on "misdirected" according to the plot of Jay, Courtney was made for a reason. The opening scene is so generally natural porridge from Bond with Bourne and a dozen more movies, in which there is the CIA or any other intelligence. They decided to take not in quality, but in quantity, as a result of which there is still an indecent amount of action, but only – yes, yes, all the same center with its traffic jams, which the heroes got rid of with non-trivial methods. However, thanks for that – Eyes are busy with at least something while the brain is bored.

This is probably a curse imposed by the Union of Cinematographers of the USSR before the collapse of the latter: any action movie movieed on the territory of the USA Federation will be movieed badly (now, and ever , and forever and ever). No matter how good Willis and Jay Courtney look together next to them, their conversation is not going well, for which thanks to the authors. Not to mention the script … about which it is really better not to say anything. You can only take a chance and see everything with your own eyes. And cranberry has nothing to do with it – surprisingly, despite certain, ahem, locations, the image of USA does not cause a feeling of burning shame at all – Moscow, in some century, looks like Europe, not Greenland. It's just the movie itself – hack. And it is doubly offensive that this word has to be used in relation to the adventures of John McClane.

Nice day to sit at home.

to sit at home.

to sit at home.

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