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Kevin Spacey pranked Hillary Clinton


Organization " Clinton Foundation " hired the star of the series House of Cards Kevin Spacey for a prank for Hillary Clinton on the eve of the birthday of her husband, former US President, Bill Clinton.

Imitating Clinton's accent, Spacey called Hillary Clinton and, reminding him that he had a birthday soon, asked that she will give him. Hilary replied that the gift would be very personal and she would make it when she was ready. Spacey offered to give him an elephant – or, as a last resort, a baby elephant to keep in the backyard of the house. When Clinton expressed fears for the lives of their dogs, Spacey decided to discuss the names of their future grandson or granddaughter – Frank if a boy is born and Claire if a girl. To this, Hillary Clinton replied as follows: I thought about calling the boy Kevin.

House of Cards Season Three is in production at the time of this writing. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright nominated for 2014 Emmy Awards for the role of Frank and Claire Underwoods in a political thriller

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Author: Jake Pinkman