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Matt Damon will not play Robin


Matt Damon supported his friend and colleague Ben Affleck, the news of whose appointment as the performer of the role of Batman caused a flurry of criticism on the Web. In an interview with Times Of India, the actor reassured viewers that Affleck would be a great Dark Knight.

“I know there are a lot of nagging people on the Internet. And I find it funny. He's not going to play King Lear. This is Batman! This is quite within his powers. If anyone has seen Operation Argo or " City of Thieves " and his other works in recent years, it should be clear to them that they are subtle and complex than Batman ... And I can tell you with confidence that I definitely will not play Robin, '' said the actor.

Recall that Affleck has to play Batman in Man of Steel 2

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Author: Jake Pinkman