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European lawmakers caught in video piracy


Members of the European Parliament, which has consistently passed laws aimed at combating the illegal use of intellectual property, actively use torrents to download popular TV series and movies.

This is reported by Torrent Freak, which investigated requests from IP addresses allocated to European legislators. In particular, employees of the European Parliament headquarters in Brussels in 2013 illegally downloaded the series Breaking Bad, the movies Elysium: Heaven is not on Earth, 21 and more. and others.

Note that TorrentFreak publishes such analytical materials annually. So, in 2012, employees of the largest Hollywood movie companies Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., Disney, Sony Pictures and 20th Century Fox. Despite the fact that the management of these studios has repeatedly argued that illegal downloading of movies causes great material damage to the movie industry, and called for a widespread fight against piracy.

The Topic of Article: European lawmakers caught in video piracy.
Author: Jake Pinkman