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A Woman Writing Ghostbusters 3 Script


The cast of Ghostbusters 3 has undergone dramatic changes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script for the movie will be prepared by Katie Dippold, who previously worked on the team of the comedy action movie "Cops in Skirts".

Also confirmed was the previously spread information that the director of the third part of the cult sci-fi movie will be Paul Feig, who has directed the movies "A Little Pregnant", "Hen Party in Vegas" and others. Little is known about the plot of the picture. It is expected to be built around a female hunting team.

Earlier, the performer of one of the main roles in the first two episodes, Bill Murray, offered his list of actresses, who, in his opinion, will perfectly cope with the roles. It includes Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Linda Cardellini and Emma Stone.

The concept of the project began to change rapidly after the death of Harold Ramis, as well as after Ivan Reitman resigned from the director's post.

The timing of the project, as well as the possible rental schedule at the time of this writing, were still unknown. Most likely, the movie will be presented to viewers no earlier than 2016.

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