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Sony Studio to Produce Angry Birds Movie


Rovio Entertainment has announced a strategic partnership with Vancouver-based Sony Pictures Imageworks to produce a feature movie based on the Angry Birds series.

" This project will enable Sony Pictures Imageworks to recruit more employees in Vancouver than there have been in our entire history. British Columbia is extremely rich in talent in the field of CGI and animation, and we intend to bring them to work, "- said in a statement vice president of the studio, Randy Lake.

Recall that the premiere of the movie" Angry Birds " dated July 1, 2016.

The first version of Angry Birds was released for the iOS operating system in 2009. Later Rovio expanded the list of platforms, to which the game was distributed. At the time of this writing, users have downloaded the games in the series over 1.7 billion times.

In March 2013, Rovio Entertainment began production of an animated series featuring the game's characters.

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Author: Jake Pinkman