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Stephen Moffat began work on Doctor Who season 9


The showrunner of the British TV series "Doctor Who" Stephen Moffat has begun work on the script for the ninth season of the sci-fi television project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moffat said this at a Royal Television Society gala in London.

In addition to taking his place among the series' writers, Moffat did not reveal any other details. concerning the upcoming season. The BBC has not yet officially renewed the series for next season, however, Moffat himself previously stated in an interview that the next season will most likely be ready by 2015. Also, the writer and executive producer noted that after leaking some of the scripts for the eighth season of the show, he will be extremely careful about disclosing any information in the early stages of work. Executive Producer Brian Minchin, for his part, said the production team will begin planning a ninth season within a week.

The Doctor Who season eight finale, which aired on BBC One on Saturday, November 9, brought to the screen per night about 5, 45 million viewers. These figures are comparable to those of the seventh season, which in May 2013 was watched by 5.46 million people per night and 7.5 million in total.

When asked if Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) will meet Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) from Sherlock, also curated by Moffat, the showrunner replied, "There are certain rules I can't break. You don't want these guys on the same show."

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Author: Jake Pinkman