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Judge Dredd's sequel pronounced dead


Judge Dredd sequel will not take place. According to ComicBookMovie, this statement was made by the producer of the original movie, Adi Shankar.

According to him, the main obstacle is not only the difficulty in finding funding after the failure of the first movie, but also the reluctance of distributors to acquire projects with an R rating.;.

At the same time, Shankar announced that he will continue working on a short project dedicated to Judge Dredd. He did not specify whether this tape will be a continuation of the full-length movie, and whether the leading actor Karl Urban will take part in it.

Recall that with a budget of $ 50 million, Judge Dredd; was able to collect at the worldwide box office only 35 million. Best of all, the movie was received by British and USA audiences.

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Author: Jake Pinkman