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Google caught Hollywood conspiring


Google has convicted the Filmmakers Association of America (MPAA) in a conspiracy to revive the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOAP), which was rejected by Congress, requiring search engines to block links leading to piracy websites.

An open letter posted on the official Google blog page expresses "extreme concern over the secret and coordinated campaign under the auspices of the MPAA." Information about the joint actions of the Hollywood majors became public after a hacker attack on the servers of the Sony Pictures studio, as a result of which it became known, in particular, that the movie companies had formed a secret fund, which finances the campaign against Google. It is noteworthy that the Internet giant is referred to in the correspondence of the parties as "Goliath".

"Nearly three years ago, millions of Americans helped prevent the approval of this law, which enjoyed the support of the MPAA. If passed, the Internet would have faced real censorship. Not surprisingly, 115,000 Internet sites participated in the protest, including Google. Congress has received eight million calls, four million emails and ten million signatures of opponents of the law, "- said in a statement.

In turn, the American Association of Filmmakers in a response statement described as "shameful" Google's efforts to position itself as a defender of freedom. Freedom of speech should never be used as an excuse for illegal activity, and the Internet is not a license to carry out theft, "the message emphasizes.

Recall that the Sony Pictures studio was subjected to a large-scale cyber attack on November 24, 2014. The intruders ended up with a lot of confidential documents, including the correspondence between the studio management and the heads of other movie companies. The hackers sought to cancel the rental of the comedy "Interview".

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Author: Jake Pinkman