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Leonardo DiCaprio went on sabbatical


Leonardo DiCaprio intends to take a long sabbatical and devote all his energies to protecting the environment. The actor himself spoke about this in an interview with the German edition of Bild, excerpts from which the resource The News quotes.

`` I am slightly exhausted and now I am going to take a long, long pause. I've done three movies in the last two years and I am literally squeezed out. I will try to improve our world a little. I will travel the planet and save the environment, '' said DiCaprio.

Note that the actor has long been involved in various programs to protect nature and calls for abandoning the `` dirty '' energy sources. “The roof of my house is covered with solar panels. I have an electric car. As a rule, a person rarely drives more than 50 kilometers per day, and this can be done on one charge, '' he added.

Recall that the movies that DiCaprio mentioned are The Great Gatsby, Django Unchained. and The Wolf of Wall Street.

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Author: Jake Pinkman