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Ghostbusters 3 will be a complete reboot


Director Paul Feig does not intend to develop the story told in the first two episodes of Ghostbusters. As he himself told in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, his movie will be a complete reboot of the franchise.

"I love the first part so much that I do not want to shame the memory of it in any way. Therefore, I see this project as a new beginning with a completely new dynamic. I want the technology shown in the picture to become even cooler. I want him to be really scary. And I want events to take place today in our world, which has not yet experienced the invasion of ghosts, and for which what is happening will be a real revelation, "he said.

As for the possible participation of the leading actors in the first movies, Feig is ready to accept them "with open arms", but "they will have other roles." Note that earlier the most active supporter of shooting the third part was Dan Aykroyd, his partner in "Ghostbusters" Bill Murray was always skeptical about the prospects for the continuation.

The script for Ghostbusters 3 will be prepared by Katie Dippold, who previously worked as part of the action comedy Cops in Skirts team. A female hunter team is expected to be at the center of the plot. The premiere date is still unknown.

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Author: Jake Pinkman