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Bill Murray Selects Female Ghostbusters


Bill Murray, who for a long time refused to take part in the movie Ghostbusters 3, commented in an interview with the Toronto Star on rumors that the next sequel could be an all-female team.

I am absolutely calm about this. And I will definitely go to a movie like this, ”he said. In terms of possible cast, Murray listed the actresses he thinks would be best suited for huntress roles.

“Melissa McCarthy will be a great hunter. And Kristen Wiig, she's so funny. God, she's funny. I also like Linda Cardellini. And Emma Stone is funny. In short, there are enough funny girls for this job, '' he added.

Recall that Paul Feig had previously been offered the role of director of the movie, who had previously directed movies such as Bachelorette Party in Vegas; and `` Cops in Skirts. ''

The date of the premiere is still unknown.

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Author: Jake Pinkman