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New prototype of James Bond found


One of the best British spies during World War II, a secret agent hiding under the pseudonym White Rabbit, was the real prototype of James Bond in the works of the writer Ian Fleming.

According to The Telegraph, she came to this conclusion famous British historian Sophie Jackson in her book Churchill's White Rabbit: The Real Story of James Bond.

According to the researcher, the real name of Agent Forest Yeo-Thomas, and his life and exploits are reflected in various parts "; James Bond.

He participated in the operations of British intelligence in the territory of German-occupied Europe and managed to stay alive in the most dangerous situations. Once Yeo-Thomas was captured by German counterintelligence and tortured, like those which James Bond underwent in Casino Royale. Unable to get the information they needed, the Germans sent him to the Buchenwald death camp, but he managed to escape from it.

There was another remarkable episode in his biography. While on assignment in France, he accidentally found himself in the same carriage with the chief of the Lyon branch of the Gestapo, Claus Barbie, nicknamed the Butcher of Lyon. Yeo-Thomas, who knew French perfectly, managed to pass himself off as a supporter of the occupation regime and talk to the Nazi. Fleming describes a similar episode in the novel From USA with Love. Some of the operations in which Yeo-Thomas was involved were so secret that he reported them personally to Winston Churchill.

As it turned out, the White Rabbit had a style of improvisation and spectacular tricks. which then `` inherited '' James Bond. He was an extremely well-aimed shooter, who never parted with his pistol, and an expert in hand-to-hand combat.

Another common feature of a real spy and his literary colleague is a huge success with women, which the agent also used to to get the information he needed.

Fleming himself, who also served in intelligence, did not know Yeo-Thomas personally, but was interested in his service and even wrote a report on the escape of his colleague from captivity.

Note that Forest Yeo-Thomas is not the first secret agent to be credited with being the prototype for Bond.

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Author: Jake Pinkman