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Fallout 4 DLCs will not be exclusive


All add-ons for the upcoming shooter "Fallout 4" will not be tied to one specific platform. According to Gamespot, Bethesda marketing chief Pete Hynes said this on his official Twitter page. "We will not make the add-ons exclusive. They will be available to everyone," he wrote.

Also, Bethesda indicated that fans of the game will be able to purchase the "Season Pass", which will include all kinds of add-ons. But representatives of the studio have not yet clarified their content, so the first DLC should be expected no earlier than the beginning of 2016.

"We are completely absorbed in the development of" Fallout 4 ", so we do not yet have an exact idea of the different DLCs. So far, only based on our experience with" Oblivion "," Fallout 3 "and" Skyrim "we can say that one will cost in the region of $ 40. If the reaction from fans of the game is positive, we will do much more. "

Bethesda also promised "to work with each user and, based on their tastes, add various details to the game, be it small grains or giant updates."

As a reminder, "Fallout 4" will be released on November 10, 2015 on PC, XboxOne and PlayStation 4.

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Author: Jake Pinkman