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Lionsgate fired Robin Hood against the Flash


Lionsgate has set a premiere date for the movie "Robin Hood", dedicated to the famous robber from Sherwood Forest, glorified in English ballads. According to The Wrap, the picture will be presented to viewers on March 23, 2018.

The main competitor of the project will be the movie adaptation of DC comedians called "The Flash", which is announced by Warner Bros. on the same date. The projects are targeted at approximately one viewer audience. A week before that, a movie dedicated to the famous Tomb Raider Lara Croft is due to be released.

The director of "Robin Hood" is Otto Buferst, who previously directed the movie "Margot" and took part in the work on the series "Peaky Blinders". The movie will be shot by Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way studio.

It is worth noting that the project was originally called "Robin Hood: The Beginning", and it was argued that the studio intends to tell the story of the formation of the protagonist. According to rumors, returning from the Crusade, Robin Hood learns that his homeland is mired in corruption and lawlessness and gathers a band of desperate brave men to take justice into their own hands.

The main role in the movie will be played by Taron Egerton, familiar to viewers from the action movie "Kingsman: The Secret Service".

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Author: Jake Pinkman