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Paramount canceled Friday the 13th movie distribution


Paramount Film Studio has canceled the release of another promising project. According to The Wrap, the Friday the 13th horror movie has been withdrawn from the distribution network, with which the studio planned to restart the popular franchise.

The reasons for canceling the rental and a possible new release date for the movie were not specified. Previously, it was assumed that a new version of the classic movie will be presented to viewers on October 13, 2017. Note that the premiere of "Friday the 13th" was repeatedly postponed, initially Paramount planned to release the movie in May 2016.

This is already the second major project of the studio, which suffered such a fate in 2017. In early February, it also became known that Paramount had refused to rent the zombie drama War of the Worlds Z 2, announced for the summer. In this case, the reasons were also not specified.

Recall also that in 2016, The CW abandoned the idea to present a new take on the horror classics in TV format. The president of the TV channel announced the termination of work on the series, tentatively titled "Crystal Lake Chronicles", based on the full-length horror movie "Friday the 13th". "The bottom line is that we realized that we have more interesting projects that are worth betting on," he said then.

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Author: Jake Pinkman