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Bradley Cooper Selected Directorial Debut Movie


Bradley Cooper makes his directing debut with a new version of the cult musical A Star is Born. This is reported by the publication Deadline with reference to its sources. Warner Bros. Studio Management also expects him to play one of the main roles.

After agreeing on all the formalities, negotiations should resume with Beyonce Knowles, who planned to take part in the project when Clint Eastwood was listed as its director. The remake will be based on a script by Will Fetters.

Note that this movie will be the fourth full-length version of the classic musical. The original movie starring Peggy Wood, Lana Turner, Fredrik March, Janet Gaynor, Adolph Menjou, Mae Robson, Lionel Stander and others was released in 1937.

The most famous remakes were 1954 (Judy Garland, James Mason, Charles Bickford, Amanda Blake, James Brown, George Fisher, Ray Heindorf, Strother Martin, John Saxon) and 1976 release. The latter, with the participation of such actors as Gary Busey, Robert Englund, Chris Kristofferson, Barbra Streisand, Stephen Bruton, Sally Kirkland and others, even claimed four Academy Awards. However, in the end, he received only one Oscar in the category "best song".

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Author: Jake Pinkman