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Idris Elba hinted at Luther's return


The star of the series "Luther" Idris Elba hinted that the fans of the show should start preparing to meet their favorite hero. When asked by a fan of the show on Twitter if there was a chance to see new episodes of the BBC drama, the popular actor replied, "Great chance." His words are quoted by The Entertainment Weekly.

"Luther" was broadcast from 2010 to 2013 and ended with an ending that satisfied most fans. In 2015, the cast and crew movieed a special issue investigating a new cannibal case. The creator of the series and lead writer Neil Cross said in an interview with the media at that time that they "put together a team just because they all wanted to do it."

In particular, Cross said: "At that time we were sure that the show is over, not because

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Author: Jake Pinkman