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Boss Coming to Angry Birds 2


Angry Birds 2 introduces bosses at the end of levels for the first time. These will be the largest and fattest pigs, to defeat which the player will need to do much more damage and be smart. This is reported by the Gamespot edition.

The main point of the game remains the same: the player launches various birds from a slingshot, trying to get into very unstable structures, which, when dropped, help to fight the pigs. Rovio has shown some gameplay changes. For example, birds can now only be used with special cards, using which you spend one life point. At each level, users will be able to choose any one bird, as well as get it back, causing more damage to enemy structures. If the game is played with a minimum number of lost cards, then the level will pass quickly and without problems, but if you clear each location using your birds wastefully, then soon the player will see the message "You have lost".

Recall that the original "Angry Birds" was released on December 11, 2009 on all mobile platforms. The first sequel called "Angry Birds 2", which will also be free, will be released on July 30, 2015 on iOS and Android.

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