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Ben Mendelssohn will play the Sheriff of Nottingham


The cast of the movie "Robin Hood: The Beginning" has been replenished. According to Variety, he was joined by Ben Mendelssohn, familiar to viewers from the series "Bloodline" and from the movie "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story." It is alleged that he got the role of the main antagonist - the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Earlier it became known that the robber from Sherwood Forest will be played by Taron Egerton, Little John - Jamie Foxx, and Eve Hewson - Robin Hood's beloved Virgin Marion. The director is Otto Buferst, the creator of some episodes of Peaky Blinders.

At the time of this writing, the plot of the movie has not been specified. It was only assumed that the action would take place after one of the Crusades. Returning from the war, young Robin learns that his small homeland is mired in corruption and is forced to gather a mob of daredevils to take under the protection of ordinary peasants. The movie is expected to be presented to viewers in March 2018.

Note that the story of the legendary robber from English ballads has been repeatedly transferred to the screens. This was first done back in 1922, when Douglas Fairbanks played the role of Robin. Already in our time, Ridley Scott made an attempt to remove his version, but failed. His movie flopped at the box office.

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Author: Jake Pinkman