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Starring actor confirmed in Sons of Anarchy spin-off


In the upcoming spin-off "Sons of Anarchy", "Mayants", the actor has been approved for the leading role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, twice Golden Globe winner Edward James Olmos (Season of Fire) will star in the upcoming FX series, which is being developed by original show creator Kurt Sutter.

Action in Mayans MC "takes place after the events of Sons of Anarchy and centers around Ez Rise, a candidate for the branch of the Mayan biker club on the border between California and Mexico. Rise simultaneously fights against the desire for revenge on the cartel and wants to win the respect of the women he loves.

Olmos will play Felip Rise, the patriarch of the family, who wants to bury his criminal past as deeply as possible and tries his best to make sure that his own sons go the right, legal way.

Sutter will co-write the script with his partner Elgin James and direct the pilot episode. "I wanted to find a strong, unique Latin American voice. I don't think a white guy from Jersey should write about Latin American culture and traditions. Elgin just has such a voice," Sutter noted at the time.

Recall, that Sutter first spoke about the spin-off in August 2015. In December 2016, FX commissioned the production of a pilot for a drama that Sutter said would differ from the original show in "tonality, rhythm and storytelling."

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Author: Jake Pinkman