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Shooting of the movie Tremors 6 has started


Shooting of the movie "Tremors 6" has started in South America, the next sequel to the popular series in which the main characters have to deal with worm-like creatures Graboids. This is reported by the Comingsoon edition.

In the story, the two main characters find themselves on the territory of a research center isolated in the tundra, where they find out that the Graboids have been turned into weapons. One of the heroes is attacked and has only 48 hours left to find the antidote.

The creators of the project describe its genre as a "horror comedy". "This will be the craziest, most incredible story from the Tremors saga. It will take the humor, horror and hurricane action inherent in the series to a previously unattainable height," commented Glenn Ross, vice president of Universal 1440 Entertainment.

Don Michael Paul is the director of the sixth movement. Key roles will be played by Michael Gross, Tanya van Graan and other actors. The picture will not be released for rent, but will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD disc media.

Recall that the original movie "Tremors" was released in 1990. One of the main roles in it was then played by the little-known actor Kevin Bacon. The project earned only $ 16 million.

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Author: Jake Pinkman