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Joss Whedon called Batgirl a coincidence


The idea to make a movie about the heroine of DC comics Batgirl was completely random. Director Joss Whedon, who is going to start this project in the foreseeable future, told about this in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"Initially, we did not even mention Batgirl, it turned out somehow by itself in the process of completely unrelated to this topic conversations, and then we all just liked the idea. I think this is a good sign. They did not at all seek to movie this plot. It so happened that we began to discuss it, and then I could not stop. So I am very optimistic. " he said.

According to Whedon, he has no actresses in mind to whom he could entrust the role of Batman's companion. "No, at this stage I have not yet opted for anyone. I'm in the process of creating an image for myself. I conduct an internal dialogue with her. We'll see who can join it later, "the director added.

Note that at the time of this writing, the production schedule of the movie, as well as its possible distribution schedule, have not been specified even approximately. The screen version will still take place, then viewers will be able to evaluate it not earlier than 2019, and possibly later.

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