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Andy Garcia to star in Ghostbusters 3


The cast of Ghostbusters 3 has seen an impressive addition. Andy Garcia and Michael K. Williams have joined him, according to The Wrap. The latter is known to viewers from the "Boardwalk Empire" series and the new version of "Robocop".

Garcia will play the role of the mayor of New York, and Williams got the role of a character named Hawkins, whose meaning for the plot has not yet been specified. A day earlier, movie director Paul Feig posted on his official Twitter page instructions and diagrams that can help cosplay fans assemble their own "proton backpack" with which hunters can catch ghosts.

Recall that the main roles in the third movie will be played by Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Keith McKinnon and Leslie Jones. They will be accompanied by Chris Hemsworth, who will play the role of the secretary of the team of hunters. As of this writing, Ghostbusters 3 has already started movieing in New York. The premiere of the movie will take place on July 22, 2016 in all formats.

Earlier, from the correspondence of the Sony Pictures studio management that fell into the hands of hackers, it became known that the project budget would be cut from $ 169 to $ 154 million by order of the studio head Tom Rothman.

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