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Wonder Woman's exact budget revealed


Warner Bros. Film Studio clarified the production budget of the fantastic movie "Wonder Woman". According to The Hollywood Reportrer, the cost of movieing the movie alone was $ 150 million. This figure is confirmed by the experts of the resource Boxofficemojo.

Thus, "Wonder Woman" is now the most expensive movie in the history of cinema, which was shot by a woman director. Previously, the palm belonged to the military drama "K-19", created by Katherine Bigilow. The cost of its creation was estimated at $ 100 million.

How much was spent on advertising support for "Wonder Woman" is not specified. But, most likely, we can talk about an amount in the range of $ 100 million. Thus, just to payback, the movie should earn at least $ 400 million at the worldwide box office.

Early forecasts promised the movie starting fees at home by the end of the premiere weekend in the region of $ 65-75 million. However, overwhelmingly positive reviews from professional critics can increase this amount to $ 90 million or more.

Outside of North America, Wonder Woman will earn about $ 100 million at launch, so global earnings could reach $ 200 million .

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Author: Jake Pinkman