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Rainbow Six: Siege Premiere Delayed


Ubisoft announced the postponement of the premiere of the shooter "Tom Clancy`s Rainbow Six: Siege", which was due out in October 2015. According to Gamespot, the game will be presented to fans on December 1 of the same year.

In a blog post, the company stated that the decision was made in response to feedback from fans testing Rainbow Six: Siege.

"We've encouraged everyone to play in our studio, in the closed alpha test, or at events like E3 and Gamescom. The feedback and feedback from our fans and admirers is very important to the development of Rainbow Six: Siege. The game should be like consumers want to see it, and their opinion makes it clear what needs to be corrected and improved. We want to thank everyone who took part in this process, "the statement says.

"Even if it was not an easy decision, but now the studio is sure of the correctness of our choice, so we want to improve the system of co-op, weapons and balance in all game modes.

As a reminder, the upcoming beta testing of Rainbow Six: Siege will take place on September 24th for those who pre-ordered the game, as planned. Ubisoft studio has high hopes for this project, and its representatives are fully confident that it has every chance of becoming a real bestseller. It is the unusual co-op mode that has always distinguished the games of this series.

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Author: Jake Pinkman