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Charlie Sheen to star in the comedy Mad Families


Charlie Sheen will star and executive produce the Crackle television movie "Mad Families". This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

In the movie, which began production last week in Los Angeles, Shin plays the role of a lovable "male child" with a heart of gold and a unique view of the world. The movie is described as a multi-generational comedy with three families in the spotlight - Latin American, African American and white – who got one campsite over the Independence Day weekend. Since no family wants to give up their place, they try to find a way to coexist in the world, but in the end they decide to hold a series of competitions and determine the winner.

Fred Wolfe (" Joe's Adventures Got Dirty 2) will executive produce and direct the movie from a screenplay co-written with David Spade.

Leah Remini ("King of Queens") has been cast as the female lead and will play Sheen's stepmother. The cast also includes Juan Gabriel Pareia, Charlotte McKinney, Naya Rivera, Chris Malky, Clint Howard, Chanel Iman, Barry Shebaka Henley, Lil Rel Hauri, Tiffany Haddish, Efren Ramirez and Danny Mora. "Nice

work with Fred again and get Charlie into the project. The combination of Fred's unique voice and Charlie's comedic talent is sure to be "winning," said Eric Berger, executive vice president of Sony Pictures Television and general manager of Crackle, in a statement. –

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