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James Cromwell to play Vatican Cardinal


The eight-part television project of the Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino ("Great Beauty") has become richer by another big name. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emmy Award winner James Cromwell (American Horror Story) has been cast in the TV series Young Pope. In addition to Cromwell, several other actors have joined the series.

The co-production series Sky, HBO and Canal + follows the conservative, intractable leader of the Catholic Church, who became the youngest Pontiff in history. The role of the fictional Pope Pius XIII is played by Jude Law. Diane Keaton has recently been cast as Sister Mary.

James Cromwell will play Cardinal Michael Spencer, the Pope's mentor.

Ludwin Sagnier ("The Devil's Double" ) won the role of Esther, the wife of a Swiss guardsman.

Silvio Orlando ("Bear's Kiss") has been approved for the role of Cardinal Voiello, Secretary of State, and Scott Shepherd ("Side Effect") – for the role of South American Cardinal Dusollier.

Cecile De France ("Enemy of the State No. 1") will play the head of marketing of the Vatican, Javier Camara ("Paris, I love you") – the steward, Cardinal Gutirrez, and Tony Bertorelli ("The Passion of the Christ") – Cardinal Caltanissetta.

Sorrentino says the show will be about “how faith can be gained and lost”, “clear signs of God's existence and clear signs of his absence.”

at the time of this writing, the series is being movieed in Rome.

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Author: Jake Pinkman