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Zootopia remains the leader in home rental


Animated movie "Zootopia" for the third weekend in a row did not yield to the leadership in the North American box office. He made another $ 38 million, bringing his home box office to $ 200 million, and the cartoon's worldwide gross reached $ 600 million.

In second place was the debutant - the movie "Divergent, Chapter 3: Behind the Wall", which started at home with a result of $ 29 million. This is significantly less than the first and second movies earned in their time - 54 and 52 million dollars, respectively.

Third place went to the real-life drama Miracles from Heaven, which grossed $ 15 million on its first weekend.

It is also worth noting that the seventh week at the box office, the fantastic action movie Deadpool, based on the popular Marvel comic book series, continues to be in the top five. The painting earned another $ 8 million, and its combined gross exceeded $ 730 million.

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Author: Jake Pinkman