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Sylvester Stallone will no longer return to Rambo


Despite the previously announced preparations for the shooting of the fifth movie dedicated to John Rambo, Sylvester Stallone does not intend to return to the image of the famous veteran anymore. The actor himself spoke about this in an interview with Variety.

"My heart strives for this, but the body tells me to" stay at home. "It's like fighters who go to the last fight and go to the knockout. It is worth leaving it to someone else," Stallone said. According to the actor, he is "pleased with the state in which he left Rambo in the fourth episode." "I have nothing more to add. When they asked me to shoot another Rambo, I told them:" If I can't make a better movie than the last one, and I definitely can't, then why should I do it. " >

Sylvester Stallone also stressed that he has nothing to do with the FOX television series, in which the plot will be built around the son of John Rambo. "This is a very delicate issue - replacing the main character with his son. I saw the son of Flick, the son of Tarzan, the son of King Kong, the son of Godzilla. This is a very difficult option," he added.

Note that back in 2014, Sylvester Stallone claimed that he would star in the fifth movie, and it would become the final part of the franchise. “I'm going to become a real butcher, but a butcher with intelligence,” he said in an interview.

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