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Daniel Craig's $ 150M Rumor Refuted


The information that Sony Pictures is ready to pay Daniel Craig $ 150 million for movieing two episodes of Bond is untrue. This is reported by Vanity Fair with reference to its sources.

Two main reasons for the impossibility of such a scenario are indicated. First, Sony Pictures, which has yet to secure an extension of its distribution contract for the distribution of James Bond movies, cannot make such decisions on its own. In any case, she needs to get the consent of Eon Productions, which owns all the rights to the Bond movie.

Secondly, the comments of Craig, who claimed that he "would rather cut his veins than act in the continuation of the cycle" extremely annoyed the management of MGM, which is movieing a movie about 007. According to an anonymous source, its head Gary Barber called Craig personally after the publication of an interview with him and "literally yelled at him."

Thus, despite the fact that contractual obligations still tie Daniel Craig to the creators of "Bond", the actor's participation in the next sequel remains a big question, and his replacement with a younger actor is still possible.

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Author: Jake Pinkman