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Golden Trailer Awards Winners Announced


The US hosted the Golden Trailer Awards, celebrating the best videos presenting promising movie projects to viewers.

The main award in the category "Best Trailer" was given to the video entitled "Family" for the action adventure "Fast and Furious 7." He also won the Best Action Trailer nomination. In other categories, the awards were distributed as follows:

"The best trailer for an animation project" – "City of Heroes" (“ Find Your Way ”) Disney, Trailer Park

"Best Comedy Trailer" – "Third Extra 2" (“ Civil Rights: Trailer 2 ”) Universal Pictures, AV Squad

"Best Trailer for a Drama" – "Selma" (“ The People ”) Paramount, Buddha Jones

"Best Fantasy Trailer" – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 (“ Courage of One ”) Lionsgate, Outpost Media

"Best Horror Movie Trailer" – "The Woman in Black 2: Angels of Death" (“ Forgive ”) Relativity Media, Buddha Jones

"Best Independent Film Trailer" – "Boyhood" IFC Films, Mark Woollen & Associates / Empire Design

"Best Trailer Music" – "Guardians of the Galaxy" (“ Outlaws ”) Disney, mOcean

"Best Melodrama Trailer" – "Paper Cities" (“ Find Yourself ”) 20th Century Fox, TRANSIT

"The best summer blockbuster trailer" – Avengers 2: Age of Ultron (“ Strings ”) Disney, mOcean

"Best Teaser" – Interstellar Paramount Pictures / Warner Bros., Ignition Creative

"Best Thriller Trailer" – "Sniper" (“ Confirm ”) Warner Bros., mOcean

"Best Video Game Trailer" – Batman: Arkham Knight (“ Gotham is Mine Trailer ”) WB Games, Hammer Creative

Best Trailer in a TV Series - HBO's Game of Thrones (“ The Wheel)

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