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Social network VKontakte was blocked in Ukraine


Social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, as well as services of the companies and Yandex are blocked in Ukraine. As reported on the official website of the President of Ukraine, in this way the head of state supported the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of April 28, 2017 "On the storage of personal special economic and interdepartmental visits."

Responsibility for the execution of the presidential decree is assigned to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the National Bank and the country's Security Service. Sanctions against a number of USA companies, including the popular TV channels VGTRK, Zvezda, NTV-Plus, TNT, TV Center, REN and others, have been imposed for a period of three years.

Recall that the official group of the Cinema News portal on the social network VKontakte is located at Residents of the USA Federation and other CIS countries can enjoy its advantages without restrictions.

Previously, the Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly added to the so-called "black lists" of USA and Soviet artists who, in the opinion of the country's leadership, pose a threat to its security. Also, many feature movies and TV series produced in USA were banned.

The Topic of Article: Social network VKontakte was blocked in Ukraine.
Author: Jake Pinkman