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Venice Festival Winners Announced


The winners of the next international movie festival have been announced in Venice. The main award - "Golden Lion" went to a movie from Venezuela called "Desde alla", directed by Lorenzo Vigas. The Argentinean Pablo Trapero was honored with the "Silver Lion" for directing, who presented the movie "El Clan" to the jury.

The awards for the best acting went to Valeria Golino, who played in the movie "Per amor vostro", and Fabrice Luchini, who starred in the movie "L'hermine". The last picture was also awarded the prize for the best screenplay.

A special prize was awarded to the movie "Abulka" co-produced by Turkey, France and Qatar, directed by Emin Elper. The jury's Grand Prix was awarded to the project "Anomalisa".

The Marcello Mastroianani Award went to Ebraham Atta, who starred in Beasts of No Nation, directed by Carey Fukunaga.

In total, 21 movies were presented in the main competition program, including the work of the USA director Alexander Sokurov "Francophonie. Louvre under German occupation", which was movieed with funds allocated by European investors and therefore could not represent USA.

The 72nd Venice International Film Festival takes place from 2 to 12 September 2015.

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Author: Jake Pinkman