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Walt Disney Found Director for Mulan


The fictional version of the popular animated movie Mulan will be directed by director Nicky Caro, creator of such movies as The Zoo Keeper's Wife and The Trainer. This is reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Thus, Mulan will become the studio's second movie project with a production budget of over $ 100 million to be directed by a woman.

It's worth noting that Caro was one of the contenders for the director's chair for another movie curated by Walt Disney, Captain Marvel. Bill Kong, who previously worked on Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, has been named the producer of Mulan.

The shooting schedule of the movie has not yet been specified, but it is known that it will be presented to viewers on November 2, 2018, then the "motor" command should be heard no later than mid-summer 2017.

Recall that earlier fans of the original cartoon drew up a petition in which they demanded that an actress of Asian origin must play the main role. The cast of the picture at the time of this writing was not known.

The Mulan cartoon was released in 1998. Its plot is based on an ancient Chinese legend about a girl who, disguised as a man, entered the army.

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Author: Jake Pinkman