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Carrie Fisher to appear in Star Wars 9


Carrie Fisher will still appear in the ninth episode of Star Wars. According to the NY Daily News, relatives of the deceased actress, represented by her brother Todd Fisher and daughter Billy Lourdes, have given their consent to use the image in the production of the final episode of the new trilogy.

"We both thought that we couldn't just take and take away her from this project. She is already an integral part of him, and now her presence is even more important than before. As if Obi Wan, when the lightsaber interrupted his physical life, he became even more powerful. I think something similar is happening with Kerry . I believe that her legacy should be continued, "- said in a statement Todd Fisher. According to him, an attempt to change the plot of "Star Wars" is comparable to an attempt to "rewrite the Bible".

Recall that Carey Fischer passed away in December 2016 following a heart attack on board a plane during a flight from London to Los Angeles. The actress managed to complete movieing of all scenes for the eighth episode of "Star Wars". Lucasmovie sources claimed that Fischer was supposed to have a significant role in the final episode of the trilogy, but it was not intended to recreate the actress through CGI.

The Star Wars 9 movie will be released to viewers in 2019.

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