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Christopher Nolan to movie Dunkirk evacuation


Christopher Nolan will continue his collaboration with Warner Bros. Pictures. According to an official press release, it will result in the creation of a movie with the tentative title "Dunkirk", dedicated to one of the largest operations of the Second World War.

Recall that after breaking through the Maginot Line, German troops blockaded the British Expeditionary Force, the remnants of the Belgian army and French units near the city of Dunkirk. With desperate resistance, the Allied forces were able to stop the advance of the Germans. The resulting pause allowed the British authorities to organize an evacuation, in which not only warships, but also fishing, merchant and cargo ships took part. As a result, more than 330 thousand Allied troops were transferred to England. The British professional army, which gained invaluable combat experience, was saved.

By tradition, Nolan will shoot the largest episodes in IMAX 65mm format. The project budget has not been specified at the time of this writing. The premiere of the movie is scheduled for July 21, 2017.

Note that on the same day the screen version of the comic "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" should be released, and a week before that "Planet of the Apes: War".

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